Your Health.

We Care.

Control your glucose level

from the palm of your hand with Oh'Care Lite 

Your Health.

We Care.

Control your glucose level from the palm of your hand with Oh'Care Lite 

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Nice and Simple.

Accurate Results.

With diabetes rapidly rising, Glucose Monitors have become a staple item in millions of American households.  And with more than one family member experiencing blood sugar problems it makes sense that at home testing should be robust, while the consumables remain affordable.

The Test Kit.

What's Inside.

  • Oh’Care Lite Meter

  • 110 Oh’Care Lite Test Strips

  • Level 2 Control Solution

  • Lancing Device

  • 125 ijCare Lancets

  • Logbook to track results

  • Luxury Faux-leather Carry Case

  • Manual and Video Walkthorough

  • 3-Year Warranty on Oh'care Lite Meter

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tracking blood sugar is key for diabetes management. Check your glucose using the Oh'Care Lite Kit.

Easy Use. Affordable.

  • Auto-Coding Device, no extra work needed from you!

  • 5 Lancet Depth Settings, so your pinprick is exactly how you want it!

  • Auto-Eject Function for hygienic removal of both strips and lancets

  • Latest Strip Biosensor Technology for accurate readings

  • ‘Less Pain’ Lancets

  • ISO-15197:2013 Standardization, plus lab and clinical testing for efficacy

  • Alerts to remind you when to test

  • Memory Function to hold 365 results

  • Affordability. We don’t need to charge you for a big brand name

How It Works



If you’re ready for an all-in-one Home Blood Glucose Kit that gives you true peace of mind, you’re ready to order the ijCare Glucose Test Kit today.

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