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About ijCare

Who We Are

ijDream Corporation is excited to introduce ijCare, a brand dedicated to health, happiness and wellbeing.  

With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, our customers will always be our priority as we provide quality products and top notch services that are the most innovative and practical.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide life-enhancing products that can actually withstand what life throws their way!  Just like your daily use glucose monitor. ijDream is dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality blood glucose monitoring system available on the market today.



Everyone agrees accuracy and precision is the most important thing. So we took the extra step to meet the new ISO-15197:2013 requirements. But you’d be surprised to know many diabetic supplies products and sugar testing kits don’t! Not only is ours FDA approved, ISO standardized, but our glucose test strips are tested against the YSI 2300 Auto Analyzer in 3 separate labs

When people like yourself need to test your glucose often, the cost of consumables can really add up. So we keep your cost low, by not charging a “fee” for our brand name. Even if you’re not a PRIME member or choose not to ‘subscribe and save today, our price still makes the most sense.



FDA Approved, clinically trialed ijCare Kit. The kit comes with ISO Standardized Oh’Care Lite Meter, Control Solution, 110x Strips with latest biosensor technology, 110x Lancets, Lancing Device, Deluxe Case, Logbook and Instructions. Why so affordable? Because we don’t charge you for our brand!


If you’re ready for an all-in-one Home Blood Glucose Kit that gives you true peace of mind, you’re ready to order the ijCare Glucose Test Kit today.

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