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Bundle C (150 strips, 200 lancets & control solution)

Bundle C (150 strips, 200 lancets & control solution)

$86.80 Regular Price
$39.75Sale Price
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ijCare(150Strips) Bundle n Save Pack for Oh’Care Lite Blood Sugar Testing Monitor – Glucose Test Strips, Lancets, and Control Solution for for Blood Testing – Accurate and Affordable Diabetic Supplies

  • AFFORDABLE: When people like yourself need to test your glucose often, the cost of consumables can really add up. So we keep your cost low, by not charging a “fee” for our brand name. And then we added four (4) special ‘stock up and save’ deals too! So, even if you’re not a PRIME member our price still makes the most sense!
  • CHOOSE YOUR BEST DEAL: Save 5% when you order our 50 Strips / 100 Lancets Bundle. Order our 100 Lancets / 100 Strips Bundle and you’ll save 10%. And don't bother to click on Coupon button to apply the saving - discount is already applied!
  • 2 MORE DEALS, AND WITH FREEBIES: While we can’t tell you that you should use Control Solution to test your meter, we can say the ISO and American Diabetic Association advise it. So, our other two wholesale deals also include a FREE Bottle of Control Solution. 200 Lancets and 150 Strips, save 15%, and 200 Lancets with 200 Strips, save 20%. Discount is already applied!
  • FOR USE WITH OH’CARE LITE: All products are calibrated for the Oh’Care Lite Meter, so please make sure this is the unit you’re using for the most accurate result. Your bundles include 30g Lancets (Hurt-less Lancets), 0.5µg Glucose Strips and 3.5ml / 79 Tests Level 2 Control Solution (for readings between 80-120)
  • NEED OUR HELP? As soon as your bundle arrives, please test everything and and tell us immediately if we need to help in any way. And remember, you don’t need to code your Oh’Care Lite Monitor with new consumables, it will do it for you! So go ahead, choose your best deal, and order now.
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