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50 strips

50 strips

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Oh’Care Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips (50pcs) - Diabetic Test Strips Calibrated for Oh’Care Lite Blood Sugar Testing Monitor/Glucometer – Affordable Diabetic Supplies by ijCare (1)

  • IS THIS YOU? You might agree when it comes to glucose strips and other diabetic supplies we want it all – fast delivery, affordability and accuracy. So, you might also agree then, the Oh’Care Lite Test Strips are what you wanted! And they have long shelf life! Use with the Oh’Care Lite Glucose Meter.
  • ACCURACY TESTED: Your strips work exclusively with the Oh’Care Lite Meter by ijCare. The meter is Auto-Coded which means greater accuracy when you use Oh’Care Lite Strips. Our glucose strips feature the latest biosensor technology and tested against the YSI 2300 Auto Analyzer in 3 separate labs. Oh’Care Lite Strips have also passed clinical trials in International hospitals to assure full accuracy.
  • AFFORDABLE: When people like yourself need to test your glucose often, the cost of consumables can really add up. So we keep your cost low, by not charging a “fee” for our brand name. Even if you’re not a PRIME member or choose not to ‘subscribe and save’ today, our price still makes the most sense!
  • FAST DELIVERY: If you’re like us, you love knowing your diabetes test strips will show up on time for uninterrupted testing. So order now, and Amazon FBA will immediately begin the delivery process.
  • NEED OUR HELP? As soon as your blood sugar test strips arrive, please do a test using the Control Solution you received with your original kit. Tell us immediately if we need to help in any way. And remember, you don’t need to code your Oh’Care Lite Monitor, it will do it for you! Order Now with ijCare.
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